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Mike Bray ~ I am glad I came to NPCL and did IT with Chris. She has helped me in so many ways to do emails and CV online just like to say A BIG thank you to her.James Bridgwater ~ Very helpful, engaging tutor who was very patient and understanding. Good centre with good facilities and quality members of stuff. An essential community asset, which needs to be maintained.
Andrew Pawley ~ This has been a rewarding course and learning IT is very rewarding. The courses are very important to everyone. I had the greatest of teacher and everyone in this centre has been great. I have enjoyed being part of this.Bill Edwards ~ I found the courses very enjoyable and informative. It has helped with job applications and general day to day work on computers. Each weeks the course made finding general information on the computer interesting.

Sarah Mayors ~ I found the course very useful and the tutors were very helpful. I also enjoyed doing it.
Many thanks.

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